Who am I?


So my name is Marianny and I’m from Dominican Republic. I’m studying architecture in Belgium and I like to travel A LOT. My life goal its to visit 144 countries and to this date I’ve only visited 20 so we have a long way to go.

I speak spanish, english, and french almost in a daily basis but with all the french I get everyday I’m forgetting my english so please feel free to tell me when I write something that makes no sense at all. I’m also learning dutch and I plan to learn japanese, german, italian, portuguese, greek or whatever comes in handy in the future so make your comments in whatever language you want and I’ll just figure them out.

Both my parents are journalist, so even if my real passion and vocation its architecture (I’m in LOVE with architecture), writing its in my blood and I can’t stop it and I REALLY don’t want to stop it so I just decided to do something about it and make a blog.

And now you might be wondering.. what on earth its her blog going to talk about? It will be about everything that comes to my mind, architecture, travel, food, painting, everything I love and everything I hate. This blog will be about my life, and the life of everyone around me. It’s going to be my challenge


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