Back to the tropics!


Here’s a funny thing: I just moved to Brazil! (By “just” I meant a month ago.. but you get the idea). The big dilemma is, what to do with a blog called Life outside the tropics when I’m back to this warm and sunny weather again? I’m sorry to tell you that I DON’T REALLY CARE, I love my name so we are keeping it as it is, so just deal with it.


Some of you may be wondering why on earth would I move to another continent in the middle of the (university) year. I’ll probably tell you the reasons sooner or later but, it’s such a long story and I still have so many things to figure out. For now, I’ll let you all in the dark and let the curiosity sink in until you come crawling for some insight, MUAHAHA.

Now to the main reason of this post: Dominican Republic vs Belgium vs Brazil! Everyone has been asking me which one I prefer, over and over and OVER again. Seriously what kind of stupid question is that? I have no idea each one I prefer, I love them all and each one has it’s ups and downs. But since I’m a very kind soul,  I’ll try to sum it up a bit:



Since I spent 15 years living under dominican Weather, sunny year round, with a hurricane season, and coldest tempertures at around 25 Celsius. you could say I’m more than happy to be in Brazil where the climate is so familiar and nice. I swear the first time it rained I almost cried!

Tropical rain is SO different than european’s rain: it feels warm and happy and makes you sleepy and really makes me want to sing under the rain video-music-style (I still haven’t done it since it would be kind of awkward but the moment I get some friends around here I promise to send you a video!).

Even if we are in rainy season in Brasilia right now, I’m kind of ok with it. After spending 5 years under Brussels stupid rain, that isn’t strong enough to need an umbrella, but still gets you all cold and sick and grumpy.  BYEEEE FELICIAAA!


Let’s act as if I’m really picking up guavas from the tree even if we all know better.

Honestly Brussels had me kind of spoiled in the food area. Since I lived without my parents I used to cook a lot and go out for dinner or order in. Brussels culinary it’s pretty international,  so every time I craved something from anywhere I could have it right away with no excuses. The downside of this is that, of course, I gained at least 20kg in the last 5 years (nope, I’m not exagerating).

Back at my parent’s I’m obviously eating a lot healthier and going out to eat less often, which is super good for my body, but REALLY PAINS MY HEART. However, Brazilian food is THE BOMB. It’s super diverse and delicious and even if Brasilia doesn’t have that many restaurants of around the world like Brussels, it ressembles a bit Dominican food so I’m a happy kid.

As for Dominican food, my family’s, friends’, neighbors’, random people I don’t know how are related to us’  food,  will always be #1 in my heart and my super favorite. BUT as a self proclaimed rule, I always have to serve myself twice, because if I don’t, I feel like they will think I don’t like their food (and I always do); so I’m totally okay having dominican food JUST on special days. Plus having it less often makes it SO MUCH BETTER WHEN YOU FINALLY GET TO EAT IT.

Landscape / Architecture



Let’s be honest. Brasilia, even with it’s cool Niemeyer touch and planned structure,  is not the first city I would chose to live in if I could decide where to live in Brazil. I mean being in Brazil is AWESOME because this country has such a HUGE culture,  beaches, and forest and it’s just like a dream come truth. But because of it’s size, going around Brazil is super hard after getting used to super daebak* and cheap European Schengen.

Brussels in the other hand was a beautiful city, even if you where lost in the middle of nowhere there were wonderful buildings everywhere. And after just one hour and a half of train I could be in France, The netherlands, Germany or Luxembourg HOW COOL IS THAT?

Lastly Santo Domingo’s architecture… well there is nothing special about it really, BUT THE BEACHES AND THE LANDSCAPE AND GETTING TO SEE MY WHOLE FAMILY JUST AFTER A CAR RIDE??? Priceless. (Para todo lo demás, utilice MasterCard).[Not a pub I just couldn’t help it].

The People



Finally, In this aspect I can’t complain. For a latina girl, making european friends is not very easy. Don’t get me wrong, I have my group of friends and damn badass squads that I LOVE TO DEATH. But europeans are intimidating af and so much more quiet and less approachable than latinos. Also, fuck french. (The language, not the people since I’m kind of french now). It’s a beautiful language but I don’t want to have to study it EVER again S’IL VOUS PLAIT PITIÉ!.

Dominican’s however are in a cool middle: they have the advantage that I can FULLY EXPRESS MYSELF ( do you know how hard is it to be funny in your third and four languages?? ).  Dominicans are the craziest and loveliest people on earth but you have to get to know them first. Probably with my super huge family I have more cousins than the quantity of friends I’ve made in Brussels during the last 5 years (I ain’t even kidding). My dominican friends make my heart warm and fuzzy and are my backup system and my rock and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!!!.

I’m not going to lie, I only have like 2 friends in Brazil that are around my age; since I barely arrived, and I’ve spent most of the time hanging out with my parents and their super cool friends. I know it sounds sad (and it kind of is HAHA) but WORRY NOT,  Brazilians are some of the NICEST AND SWEETEST AND WARMEST AND MOST CARING PEOPLE I’VE EVER MET.  Also portuguese is like, the easiest language to learn for a Spanish/french speaking person, and even if sometimes I sound like a retarded, I already understand 80% of conversations which is kind of super badass of me.

So there you go, that’s why I can’t chose. You can’t make someone chose between the place where they grew up, the place where they got their independence and the place that they chose to continue their life in but haven’t gotten to fully know yet. I already miss everyone in Brussels and still miss my dominicans too. But now it’s time for Brazil to take a place in my heart so don’t get jelly and be patient: I’ll keep you updated of my adventures back in the tropics and about any cool Brazilian cities and people I meet!





*대박= Literally Jackpot in Korean, could be translated as impressive or awesome.



4 thoughts on “Back to the tropics!

  1. While it is almost second nature for me to really want you to pick when making comparisons, those three reasons listed by you (that result in the impossibility of choosing a ‘best’) is spot on! Honestly, it ties the whole thing together. BTW, what part of Brazil? Eu sou Brasileiro, por isso estava curioso.


    1. Muito obrigada!! I’m living in Brasilia for the moment but will soon start travelling around! If you have any tips or recommendations about living in Brazil I’d be more than happy to hear them!

  2. Seen your post on the community pool! Nice blog, I like your layout and the design is very easy on the eye. The writing is also of a high quality and the comparisons between different cultures are interesting too. Good work!

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