Zona Colonial – Santo Domingo

Museo de las Casas Reales

Nothing  like spending Sunday in La Zona. La Zona Colonial is the old part of the capital of Dominican Republic. It was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO as it was the first city of the American continent. AKA the perfect spot not only for tourists but for Dominicans too.

Palacio Consistorial

Calle Salome Ureña

Since I can remember, my mom would take me to La Zona on weekends. Either to spend the afternoon running, playing, or watching some concert at Plaza de España, in front of the Alcazar de Colon. Or running after pigeons and climbing on Cristobal Colon’s statue (Colombus for ya’ll) in the parque Colon and then drinking some fresh pressed juice in the cafe in front of the first cathedral of the new world.

Columbus Park

Calle Isabel La Catolica

This sunday I went back to my roots: my cousin and I decided to head over chinatown to have some dominican chinese food. It’s like normal chinese food, but a 100 times better (I can confirm this 100% truth:  real asian food and european asian food can’t compare to Dominican cooks). 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

My new bff in Chinatown

After some “chofan” and sweet and sour chicken, we decided to walk around El Conde street. I guess you could call it the local shopping street, but the nicest part is that I’m pretty sure it’s the only pedestrian street in Santo Domingo. It amazed me so much to rediscover everything from grown up and culturised architecture/art student eyes. For some reason, it always seemed to me that all the buildings here were like, idk dominican looking? I guess i was too distracted with street vendors and all the food and music and paintings and getting my mom to buy me some cheap fake jewerlly every single time to even look up at the gorgeous buildings!

Poteleche was here!

Guitar class in El Conde Street

So after drinking pineapple juice with Pedro (my cousin) in the same cafe as always, I convinced him we should go house hunting for our future plans (please notice this is the far far future -like 20 years far but we are big dreamers from this side of the ocean). I decided when I’m rich and succesful I gotta get me one of ’em colonial houses because I’M IN LOVEEE.

View from the coffee terrace

Arzobispo Portes street

Casa Peynado 

ANYWAYS, after calling some real state vendors and finding out the prices and getting all our dreams crushed; and passing by Santa Barbara, (I’ll explain this place another day with a bunch of pictures but Pedro didn’t let me get out of the car this time because i was embarrasing him) Pedro had to go home. But my neighbors (who haven’t been my neighbors for the last 7 years but still they are my only neighbors to me) joined me to do some cycling.

We went to Zona bici where they have this beautiful blue bikes that make you feel like you are on a fruity-go-happy-caribbean dream ☀️. While waiting for mis vecis (vecis as vecinos = neighbors)  I met this cool guy named Rafael that works next door at La espiral (what used to be 8 puertas) and fits the typical stereotype of a zona person.

Zona bici

Las Mercedes 

A Zona person is like a caribbean version of a super cultured hypster. At least in my opinion, they must have the following skills: super friendly, do either singing, theater, painting, dancing, photography, or writing, but most do all of the above. But still manages to have the chillest look by wearing flip flops.

Los vecis arrived, and we went out cycling. I must tell you now that I suck at cycling, im terrified of it and only use a bike on parks and on the 22th of sempteber, which is no car days on Brussels, so I can go in the middle of the street. But since I’ve been training kindaa for the last 5 years and I used to do very well on Elaimy’s (my smallest veci) bike when it had back wheels, I thought I would do just fine.

Los vecis


Alcazar de Colon

Soooo naive! I ran over two guys, a bunch of people made fun of me, almost ran over 3 little kids and almost crashed against a car. BUT I DID IT LIKE A BADASS AND I LOVED IT. Seriously I  felt so so happy! However when we finally arrived at Plaza de España after a very noisy and dangerous way there -since it was the gay pride parade day and there were a bunch of cars with super loud music going around and scaring me to death with super loud music and flawless unicorn drag queen hair – we found a better solution for me. Ride in the back of a double bike! Oh the happineess to have the cool part of going fast but not having the stressing part of having to guide and crashing into someone or something!


After our nice afternoon adventure that made me as happy as a fat kid eating chocolate cake in a birthday party, we went for drinks and diner at Tapa’ti. Ate pizza with eggs, and HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH: platano maduro, bacon, serrano bits and goat cheese 😍, and then another yummi pizza named La porky, I dieeed. Also they had 2×1 in sangria’s and mojitos. Please note dominicans aplatanan (as make it dominican, like the chinese food I was talking about before) everything so they have stuff as passion fruit sangria and mojito with cinnamon. I had a coconut and pinapple sangria delisssh.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back to La Zona to take more pictures and do some touristy museum stuff so I can show you guys, but thats all for now! 😉

Write to you soon x


7 thoughts on “Zona Colonial – Santo Domingo

  1. I’m really happy you had lots of fun, there’s nothing better than to see you smile. I’m also really proud you have finally managed to ride a bike, even if you have proven to be a hazard on the street lol. Next time you go, please take me with you.

    Love you always, xx.

  2. Wow I’ve never read much about the Dominican Republic, you definitely made me want to add it to my list of “places to travel when I have money” now. It reminds me somewhat of the architecture in Spain. And I wonder why I’ve never seen outdoor guitar classes–seems like a cool idea! Your carefree attitude permeates the article and made me happy reading it too, keep up 🙂

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