Brussels Food Truck Festival

If you know me then you also know I love food almost in an unhealthy way. Food is my weakness and it’s so beautiful and delicious I can’t even describe how it makes me feel. If you don’t know me: I’m overracting a little, I love food but not to the point of being a freak, okay? Okay.

Now that we have stablished that. Sunday “morning” (so around 1:00pm) my friend Anna asked me if I wanted to go to the food truck festival they are having in Brussels this weekend. I know, I’m a week away from exams I shouldn’t be wasting my time going out and having fun but 1. I love Anna so much and I hadn’t seen her since January 12th! (Yes my birthdayyy thank youuu). 2. A girl gotta eat and I’m too lazy to cook something today. And 3. The sun finally came out and I’ve been wanting to go to the food truck festival for mooonths but then it was cancelled I don’t remember why (maybe it was the attacks or maybe the weatherr?)  and a food festival sounds like heaven and NO ONE CAN STOP ME NOW!


First stop is obviously getting free balloons from La fête de l’Iris. I’m not sure of what exactly is the Iris party? But I like it because they always give free balloons. I still have a balloon from like 2 years ago, it’s yellow and getting really small but still alive somewhere in my room!  Also I think it’s something related to Brussels because l’Iris is Brussels symbol… Or something like that. Someone please remind me to go next year! (For more balloons ofc, my pink balloon of today flew away an hour after, R.I.P. Baby). 

If you zoom in you can see my heart flying away (AS MY CRUSHED DREAMS) following another fugitive balloon who probably left yet another kid crying


Meet Anna! My partner in crime for the day. I know better than any one that sometimes people can be very selfish with food because some days you just don’t feel like sharing your delicious prize with anyone else. But when you are planning to eat A LOT, in a very small amount of time, and with as much food diversity as possible. The best plan is to find someone you can share your food with, that way you can try even more things without feeling completely full and under a sea of regrets after 2 seconds of burgers and pad thai. 

I met Anna almost 3 years ago in architecture school, she is from Reunion Island and is one of my dearest friends in the world ❤️❤️❤️

We were supposed to walk around and see all the options first and ONLY THEN decide what to eat. But then we ran into this cool truck that sells poutine!!! We had never tried it before but everybody always says that it is a must try when you go to Canada and a super drunk food. I don’t really have plans to go to Canada any time soon so this was our only chance! I’m not even sure of what are the ingredients of the original Poutine, but we tried a chili one. And it was HEAVENLYYYYYYYYYY. I swear I almost cried of happiness. It’s like normal fries are so boring after living for some years in Belgium FRIES WITH MORE DELICIOUSNESS ON TOP ARE THE NEW WAY TO GO! We got them on The mother road truck. They are based at Reims and have mexican, american and canadian food. And even if I have no idea if this is what real poutine tastes like I’m soo ready for eating it again… For the rest of my lifeeee!

chili poutine
The mother road

This cutie was saved from my jaws ONLY because yesterday I shamefully ate a whole bowl of hummus by myself as a snack. But I’m waiting for your retourn Hummus master!

You can’t adventure yourself into a kingdom of food without a drink. First, because as a Dominican rule te vas a añugar! (Which kind of means you are going to choke but not really but yees). And second because where is the fun in that? Now, usually if I go somewhere with fresh juice I drink all I can because Europeans don’t really get the concept of having freshly pressed juice in your house or restaurant at all times in case a guest may come by one day unexpected (Poor things their mothers didn’t teach them the important stuff!). Great now I miss my grandma’s frigde 😞 somehow she always managed to have passion fruit juice in the fridge at all times during the whole year. I don’t think I’ve ever opened that fridge without having to move a big jar of juice to reach some salami. 

WHERE WERE WE? Oh yes. So usually I overdose with juice, mostly lemonade. But I have to accept that I’m a grown up now and adults drink alcohol to forget their problems (the problem here being exams) so the closest grown up drink we can find is of course: MOJITOOOOOOOOOOOS. (also because the juice queue was too long and I’m a very lazy person, but being grown up sounds cooler). We got ours at CuBar. Get it? Mojitos are cuban. Cuba + bar = CuBar, I love word play!

Mojito in the making and a last glimpse of my balloon before it left me foreverrr

If you are not into Mojitos you can have beer that comes from a truck #classy

I’m 100% not vegan but seeing vegan food always makes me so excited!

Next stop: CROQUETAS! Here is the brief background story between croquetas and I. When I was in elementary school I only had croquetas twice  a year. The last day of exams we got to make a little party in the classroom and Gina always had to bring croquetas and they tasted like holidaaays so I really loved them. When we started high school the cafeteria started selling croquetas and it was awesome but since we had to eat after the smaller kids by the time our class got to the cafeteria there where no croquetas left. So everytime we had computers lab right before lunch time, so I knew the croquetas had arrived already, I’d ask the teacher if I could go to the nursery and he knew I was okay but he let me go if I brought him croquetas too so he was cool. Stupid europeans don’t have the same  chicken croquetas and I miss them so much! They have ham croquetas in Spain, or cod croquetas in Portugal or crab croquetas in Belgium and the Netherlands, they even have potato croquetas in Japan, and they are all yummilicious but it is not the same. 

Well that was deep and very unnecessary! Anyways so croqueta truck = Marianny crying of joy. They also didn’t have chicken croquetas but experimenting new flavors with your favorite food is always fun. We had one with foie gras, one with chorizo and onions and one with chili and guacamole. I know mixing things with foie gras sounds weird since it has such an unique taste and is fancy af. But Europeans seem to love putting foie gras in everything to make it classy. You should really try sushi with foie gras is delisssh. Personaly I loved the chorizo croqueta, just please don’t tell anyone from my french family that I prefer  chorizo over foie gras or they might disinherit me. 

Magic-k food truck
chorizo and onions croqueta

rare sighting of Belgians enjoying the sun

HAVE YOU EVER TRIED BUGS? Some people say in the future we won’t be able to eat animals anymore because they will be all extinct so we’ll have to eat insects instead. I’m not so sure of that, but just in case I was brave enough to try one bug! Maybe I should have at least tried a dish with insects inside, they had everything from burgers to cookies! But one step at a time! So I just tried a mini sample. One day MAYBE just for fun I’ll try something more substancial. Today 1 little bug was enough. P.s. It tasted like almond. 

Not sure what kind of bug is this but yeaah
cookies with bugs inside, what a time to be alivee
Bugs in mugs is a Belgian project to increase awareness in Europe. you should really check it out!
coolest picnic tableees
ready to eat moreeee

Our final salty meal of the day was mexican food. Call it honoring Cinco de Mayo or call it excusees, I can count Brussels Mexican restaurants with one hand, so when I see mexican food I GOTTA EAT! We weren’t hungry enough to buy a burrito, so we went for Nachos with chicken, caramelised onions and salsa. At this point we realised we couldn’t eat anything else or there would be no place for dessert so we started scavenger hunting for the perfect ending of the day.

Mojito, Nachos and Margarita

We finally found our dessert in something extremely simple but incredibly awesome: waffle sticks. I’m pretty sure they have another name but I don’t really know what it is. I had tried this before in the Nocturne of ULB. Basically is waffles filled eith whatever you want inside, but instead of being.. Well waffle shaped? They come in a stick like corndogs. My favourite one has cheese, thyme and honey. But today we tried the one with banana and chocolate. And yes it was pure perfection! Forgot to take a picture of it but I’m sure I will get to eat them again soon enough!

Brussels can really be a wonderful place when the sun is out! I know I complain all the time about Brussels being awful and always so gray and cold and rainy and boring blablabla. But when the sun comes out everybody is SO HAPPY and everything looks so fun and bright and pretty. It makes me think maaaybe it is worth the wait. 

Brussels police helping kids trought an obstacle course how coool is that?
Before leaving we stopped here to take some food home for dinner
Behold my dinner! Arepa venezolana. (actually ate this while writing this post 😊)

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