Day 1 – Up in the air

After many hours of flying and waiting on airports, I finally made it to my parents house in Brasilia! They received me with flowers and chocolates (which as everybody knows are the way to my heart)= HAPPINESS OVERLOAD!!!! 

Don’t mind our tired faces

Day 2 – International picnic

Sunday funday! My mom organised a picnic so I could meet my parents friends and colleagues. The picnic was at CCBB – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. A beautiful place with a view of the J. Kubitschek bridge and where you can always find some cool expo’s or concerts. The menu consistend on tabulé, chili con carne (yes warm food in a picnic get used to it) and cake. Since we moved to Brussels the company has always been very international: a little bit of Dominican Republic, Brasil, France, Belgium, Cameroon, Bolivia, Japan and Spain. I know I’m not that old yet, but I felt like a kid again playing in the kids area! Fun fact: instead of normal monkey bars and slides they have musical ones that play notes and light up when you touch them HOW COOL IS THAT. 


Day 3 – Movie night

Basically passed the day studying (exams are coming soon), yeah I know you thought I was in holidays but that word is a myth for Belgians. We always have to study for something. I tried to be all cool and study outside in the sun because Belgian weather got me looking as pale as a ghost. 1h after I was already tired of being on the sun (dominican roots kicking in) I would have been sun burned if it wasn’t for my latina superpowers! Tanned only on my right side which kind of sucks but luckily it will even with the other side sometime soon (been using sunscreen ever since I hate being pale but what I’d hate even more is cancer!). During the night Mami and I went to the movies and saw a french movie about a blind-deaf girl and a nun that teaches her how to talk in signs. Pretty much like Hellen Keller except this was in the 19th century. 

Cathedral of Brasilia, by Oscar Niemeyer (taken on our way to the movies)

Day 4 – Dominican party 🇩🇴

Went to the zoo! It had been so long but will talk about it in another post. During the night we went to the Dominican party. Its a little gathering the dominican embassy organises once a month where you can eat sancocho and dance till your feet hurt. I still suck at dancing dominican music, so it’s really embarrassing when people ask me to dance (and you can’t really say no to a Dominican dance) so next goal: really must learn before june! 


Very opposed to Europeans that dress pretty much the same night and day, Dominicans LOVE to dress according to the occasion. Basically, we are always looking for excuses to dress up.
After one year and a half without Sancocho, this is heaven

Day 5- Clube do choro

Went with mami to her guitar class! I dont know if other parents do this but they should because it’s awesome. Since they moved to brasil mami and Philippe are in a ton of different classes: guitar, pandeiro, portuguese, choral… It’s sad because I never really spend time with Philippe since after work he always has something to do, but it’s awesome for them when I’m not here and I think every adult should still follow their dreams and learn new stuff! 

During the night we went to a concert of a pianist. Now I’m obsessed with playing the piano, even if i stopped my classes years ago, I would love to start again after exams. But what got all my attention was the percussionist that sometimes came in. I only noticed this the other day when I went to my housemates concert in Brussels. Percussionist are sooo underrated. I mean there were like only 4 percussionist in the whole harmony and even if for some songs they were bored off their asses waiting for their cue to make just one diing, in other songs you could see them runnning around the back to play one specific note from one instrument to the other and it was SO amusing. I mean last nights guy was playing 7 different instruments during the same song as if it was nothing and he seemed so chill and happy about it i mean RESPEEECT 


Day 6 – Diplomacy

Finally, today we went to the opening of the Dominican film festival in Brasilia, also with the embassy people, and it was super nice. We saw a film called Dolares de Arena. I didn’t get the title since the girl  was seducing europeans, not americans but yeahh… It was actually a very interesing movie and a real critic of that kind of people (basically, gold diggers). I was really happy because usually Dominican movies were crap but lately they are really getting in the game. 

 However my big admiration of the night was talking to the ambassador and some other diplomatics. You see it’s not like something new since my parents are both journalists and Philippe is a diplomat. But I never had a doubt of what I wanted to be in the future until this summer, so I never really thought about becoming a diplomat myself before. So I thought, Hey, why not? Or that was until I saw how well all those people dress and speak and how they always say the right thing and are always smiling. I dont mean I can’t do it. I’ve learned all the protocol, I even have a certificate that proves it. But I’m just so lazy about it, like it feels all too much for nothing. I don’t mean it’s all fake, I really admire these people and would love to do what they do. But I just find that things are more beautiful in their natural way, and that formalities just get in the way of a real connection between people and avoiding misunderstandings (other wise my writings would look more like essays and a lot less like everything that pops up in my mind).

Cine Brasilia, also by Niemeyer

Basically that’s it! I know you were probably specting some sightseeings of Brasilia but seriously it’s the 3rd time I go and there is not so much to see. After that I went to Bahia for a few days so I’ll start writing about my days in Salvador before going back to Brasilia (it pisses me off when things are not done chronologically). When I have time I’ll start writing abut my old trips so you can see the must touristy stuff of Brasilia and Rio. Stay tuned!




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