La travesia


25th April,

The Brussels airport is still closed because of tuesday’s terrorist attack. So my flight has been changed from Brussels to Liège. 

Wait… There is an airport in Liège? How do you even get there? GOOD QUESTION MARIANNY. I’m 100% sure there must be an easier way, but I couldn’t find it. So this has been one of the longest days of my life:

First, I had to go 1h earlier than usual to the Brussels central train station just in case they were checking people as they are checking them in Gare du midi. I haven’t been there but, apparently, while one military guard checks you, the other points at you with a gun. Scary af. But turns out I didn’t need to be so early in the first place, because there wasn’t anyone checking people. Better safe than sorry!

When I finally got to Liège, I had no idea how to get to the airport from Liège Guillemins. Apparently, nobody else knows because everyone I asked just looked at me very weird. My best friend Google maps showed me the way, but it said I had to walk 43mins 😂. So I ended up following the SNCB directions which consisted in taking another train to Liège joponse? Or something. God knows where that was.. And then going up the worst fucking hill I’ve ever seen with my 23kg of luggage and my 7kg backpack. To put some cherries on top, as any good belgian street it had little rocks instead of a normal sidewalk. I think I had an asthma attack going up there (no, I don’t suffer from asthma but remind me to check my Dr about that because it was weeeeird).

Anyway, when I got to the bus stop it said it was moved somewhere else temporally and did I found the somewhere else? Ofc I didn’t. The bus stop just dissapeared from the face of earth. So right when I was about to give up and sit on the floor to cry, a taxi cab appeared. HALLELUYAH. Even if it costed 35€ and if it was just 9mins away that cab saved my life.  

Now lets talk about the airport. Haaaa what a fun and enjoyable experience. First in the outside, there was a little line to check your luggage in the x-rays thingy thing. Okay nice. Then in the inside the longest line I’ve ever seen in my life. I arrived at 16h20 to the airport and got to the check-in counter at 18h15.. YES thats how long it was.

Good news is I made a friend in the line! And turns out he was in my school, but I didn’t know him then because he is one year older.  Turns out we were at the same birthday party 2 years ago, we just didn’t remember! Now after another impossible snail-like-slow line to the  metal detector thingy. Let’s talk about some basic rules:

  1. Always use shoes that are easy to take off. 
  2. Always keep everything that can beep in your purse or coat, that way you just have to take off only one thing instead of emptying all your pockets. 
  3. Keep electronics accessible so you dont have to show everyone all your undies before finding them. 
  4. Drink your water or whatever drinks you may have WHILE waiting in line, not when you get there. 
  5. Before passing the detector do the going-into-the water/ surrounded-by-a-croud check. It’s like “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” but more detailed (Sunglasses, earrings, necklace, phone, wallet, keys, bracelets, pockets and shoes). 

Tarann you are ready. You are welcome. 

After that had a nice flight blabla who cares pretty views. Will talk about planes another day.

Guess what happened when I finally got to madrid! My flight to São Paulo has been delayed until tomorrow at 7am yeeei! However, they were SUPER nice about it and brought us all to a hotel and gave us food (it’s a buffet but omg who cares when they have the best lentejas I’ve  ever tasted I’m dying). Well, so here I am, writing this so no one would think it’s awkward im sitting all alone (like the creepy dude that wont stop staring wtf dude). Going back to my room to sleep now (OR study, OR watch Netflix all night, who kows life is full of possibilities) 

Byee feliciaa

P.s. Just in case, I’m not sure bye felicia means what I think it means, so if it is something offensive sorry I did not mean it like that. Ok bye. 

I know they look weird but Lentejas are the best

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