How Brussels showed me the best lesson ever



 As the scared little girl we all know I am, I was really freaked out by the Brussels attacks. Not only because I’m going to the same airport on friday or because that metro station is just under were my step father usually works (we are all okay, they are in Brasil right now). But mostly because I just don’t understand how someone can just go and do something so so awful and just be all yoloswag about it. 

I don’t care what you believe in, no one in their right mind can go and just be like “Oh yeah this is just what the world needs, so let me go real quick over there and kill myself while killing all the people I can with me because only this way the world can be fixed again”. 


 Anyways let’s not get into the psychology of these people because really I think Hannibal is easier to decipher than them.

Basically, after spending the first hour smiling awkwardly like everything is fine and the next 2 hours crying like a baby, I decided (along with the 200 people that talked to me to see if I was okay and kind of ordered me to go into my basement forever) that I was not going out of my house ever again. Like ever. Never ever. 

Imagine my surprise when first of all, class in my university was not even cancelled. I mean we did not have class for 3 days when the Paris attacks happened and now it happened in Brussels and you just want us to go to an auditorium with 1500 students who are a perfect score for these freaks? He he… He he.. He…. yeah not going. 

Then I started looking at Facebook and Snapchat and all that stuff and well: this Belgians are brave af! They were all celebrating birthdays and having fun, and the eternal traffic jam that formed in front of my house on tuesday is still going on and is thursday already. They even went to De brouckere and Bourse ( that is like,  well it was supposed to be Brussels broadway it didnt really work out but its pretty much the most central place in Brussels you will find). And it has been filled with people non stop bringing flowers and writing encouraging messages and it’s just so beautiful.


Finally, yesterday I had to go to the supermarket since I was dying of hunger and was really craving some cielito lindo and the supermarket its literally in the corner so(yes, I would do anything for food). So I made the most dramatic exit ever, jumpy at every car door shutting and walking as fast as I can. But when I got there  people were as CHILL as ever just asking me how I’m doing and acting normal like nothing happened. 

And that’s when it finally hit me. Belgians are not going to let some assholes stop their life. Yes they are all deeply sad because of what happened but they are NOT LETTING THEM WIN. The bitchy bitches wanted to create fear and chaos, Belgians answered with the Mannekin Pis pissing over them. They wanted us to stop everything, Belgians answered with a march against terrorism. Belgians are ON FIRE.

And I don’t even think the idea is to make the idiots know they can’t win (because we won’t let them take us down). I think Belgians are just going on with their normal lives because they don’t give a fuck. (Not about the people who were lost, or hurt or about the pain ) but about the stupid terrorist. They won’t waste their time in some attention seekers when there are a lot of more important things to do to make the world a better place. 

So even if I’m still not going out today because I have no classes on thursdays and I have no social life and really need to study. Tomorrow I’m going to go on with my day like a real Belgian doesn’t matters if it rains, if there is a strike or if there is a terrorist attack.

Thank you Brussels for showing me than together we are stronger than ever, and that even in the darkest times, we only need a little bit of hope prevail. ❤️🇧🇪



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