About Singapore

I haven’t been this excited since the first time I went to Europe I mean ASIA THE CONTINENT WITH ASIAN PEOPLE AND ASIAN FOOD AND A TOTALLY DIFFERENT CULTURE. If you asked me 3 years ago if I would ever go to asia I would say Yes when I’m grown up and rich or yes when I can convince Philippe to give me 5 combined birthday presents in one trip. Literally i’m not making this up never in my right mind I would think I’d go to Asia before my 30s. Not only because for me is like the most far away from home I can ever be, or because I just know like 3 people from Dominican Republic that have ever been to Asia. But because it JUST DOESN’T HAPPENS! It’s something surreal is like culture mindblowing like eating a warm white chocolate brownie with milk chocolate fondant in the middle and ice cream in the side = W A O U H (like wao/wow but in french because is longer so cooler effect).
The best part is, it is not as different as I imagined. Which is kind of recomforting and dissapointing in a weird way. I mean I still can’t judge the whole continent since I’ve only been to Singapore (YET 😁) but if you ignore that everybody looks well.. asian, Singapore looks like any big city in the world in the architectural side. Part big skyscrappers with super cool and unusual designs/ part skyscrappers wannabe that are too old and very ugly and I dislike/ part gorgeous hidden treasures that survived the wars/colonisation/and modernisation or whatever and take my breath away because they are so cute I juat want to move in forever.
So let me tell you what I know so far about Singapore. Beautiful city, super fancy side makes you feel like you are a successful business-y person travelling in and out like the world is yours. And then the more “original” side with its mix of people from everywhere specially India, Malaysia, China, and I don’t know what else which makes you thank God for all the food courts that make your student budget cry with happiness.
If you ask me what do I need to have a perfect city/country aka something that makes me feel like home but safer aka not you Belgium. I would tell you we need a beach (Check), but also some nature and the mountains to get out of the busy life (Check), Good weather (between 18 and 40 celsius – Check), nice people and by nice I mean, friendly, kind, and happy go lucky (cheeeck), yummi food (check) and NO COCKROACHES (sadly saw 1 of those bitches the other day so no check but it’s only fair if not it would be too perfect and I’d be moving here already).  Then leaving aside the huge amount of culture I’ll be learning about the next 2 days while visiting museums and taking guided tours and all those things Léon hates. I’ve learned many little things that are so different from our culture and they really aren’t revelant but it’s just so awesome to see the gap between 2 cultures Mind.Blowing. But there’s one thing I really screwed up and I really want to share because its me so deal with it. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY HI WITH A KISS IN THE CHEEK. In Dominican Republic when you meet someone for the 1st time the most polite thing to do its shake their hand. But unless you are a teacher, boss, or the president most people will go for a kiss in the cheek and if you are someone we have heard about a lot before (like far family or a friend of a friend) we don’t care we are going to hug you, you like it or not! In Europe they may not be as friendly as we are but at least they do their fake kiss in the cheek kind of thing which is more than enough except for the confusing part you never know how many kisses you have to give and sometimes you only go for one cheek and the other person goes for 3 and its awkward but its funny so 1 point for Europe. And then there’s Asia. I don’t know if this is everywhere, but in Japan you are supposed to say hi by vowing with your head. And I know I’m supposed to know this but I totally forgot and the other day we were walking and Leon met some Japanese friends and he stopped walking but only said hi from afar so I was like ok they are just some people he knows but not friends I’ll keep walking and then he says this are my friends and I stop and I’m like oh hey! But then they started talking japanese so I just stood there but then leon talked to me but I have no idea what he said so I thought omg I’m being so rude I should say hi properly and leaned for a kiss in the cheek but they just stood there and THEN I remembered I was just supposed to say hi from afar y tragame tierra but at least now I’ll always remember to only say hello to asians and then wait for their response and hopefully you will remember too!
Now this lady needs to get some sleep because tomorrow I’m going in an adventure but hopefully I’ll write again soon! And I know I must have a billion spelling mistakes and all but if I read everything again I will regret it and not post it so it will stay like this bye.

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