You know when you are feeling like, whatever. And nothing is fun anymore and you are just dead bored and everything sucks? TREAT. YO. SELF.
If you were as obsessed with parks and recs as I was you will understand what does it means. If not, then shame on you.
You see, I think life it’s way too short not to treat yourself, I mean yes you should always think about the future and not spend all your money on your pay day or eat so much crap you die of a heart attack by the time you are 25.
And I don’t mean to go yoloswag evety second in your life because its your body and you can do whatever you want neither.


What I do mean, is that if you have been craving a hamburger for weeks. Don’t go and eat a salad or go to a cheaper hamburger place to save you money because if you don’t eat the exact hamburger you want it wont be enough. And maybe you’ll feel ok that day and the next day but one week after you will still be craving that precious hamburger because it wasnt the same one. And you will end up buying 2 hamburgers instead of one because you just didn’t have the guts to treat yourself.
And if you want to buy some shoes, you are in love with those shoes! Don’t go and buy the next pair because they are cheaper and more comfortable even if you know inside they are so much uglier you are probably not going to wear them anyway. Go on and buy the ones you want, so you can put them on even if its only one time and feel like a boss.
If you want to tell somebody that you love them, or that they have spinach in their teeth, COME ON. Don’t be a pussy and go speak up your mind! Of course you don’t have to be a bitch neither but WHY NOT? If it’s not going to hurt anybody and is what you really want to do JUST DO IT (YES just like Shia lebouf)
Just TREAT YOSELF because you don’t know when you will get the chance to be nice to yourself again. And when you make yourself happy it’s so much easier to make others happy! It’s like a Domino effect. You will feel better, everyone around you will feel so much better. BOOM you just saved the world! 😉

P.s. I will spellcheck after because only 5% battery and don’t want to lose what I wrote and I’m an a restaurant eating a faboulous hamburguer bye.

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