Am I a bad person because I’m not a feminist?


I know women around the whole world would hate me to death if they read this. But is it really that bad that I don’t really support feminism?

I know that in some places in the world women have no rights, they are discriminated, laughed upon, simple sexual objets or just kitchen material. And of course I’m against all those things, I’m not that out of my mind. But there is a part of me that still thinks that men should open the door, pay the first date, carry the heavy boxes, bring flowers and all that helpless romantic details that may make us look weak and like we totally need men in our lives (which we don’t) but I still don’t want our culture to lose.

Then it made me think. Does this mean I am being an awfully selfish person to those women out there who like heavy work, those who don’t want to be helped, those who could be true warriors and heroes if the world let them but are being understimated just for the fact of being a woman? Why is it alright to say I’m being selfish with them and not to say they are being selfish to me?

Why does it has to be only one way? Everybody has different personalities. Some like working hard, some others love being  housewives and caring for their family, some want to model and show their beauty and be the center of attention. Some even hate being a woman because everybody asumes they have to be treated as pretty pinky ladies and they just want to be treated as themselves. Not as the stupid stereotype the other person has in its head because she decided to be a mecanic, or a full time mom.

And I think it isn’t just me who is selfish. But what makes women think that they are the only one who are mistreated? I have always tought women are so much luckier than men. First because we get to carry babies in our bellies and they don’t, yes maybe we have periods and they don’t have to deal with that but we also get to wear whatever we want: skirts, dresses, high heels, shorts, pants onesies everything. And they will only have the boring pants and shirt choice. Poor things. And second: we actually have this unspoken right to be whoever we want to be. I have the right to be the most girly, fairytale dreamer person in the world. Because that’s what stereotypes showed us.  And I also have the right to be the strongest feminism activist in the world because we are tired to be treated like less than man. But GOD HELP THE MAN WHO CALLS HIMSELF A MASCULISM. I mean I even had to google the word to see if it existed.

Not only will he be hated by all the women in the world but even the manliest man would be like.. “wow,  dude that’s totally wrong”. What, so we can fight for our rights and they can’t? Because you think all men love having the typical 8 to 5 work everyday, having to be a gentlemen, or having to carry the heavy boxes? You think men don’t come in different shape, sizes and personalities too? Wake up world, man are more psicologically oppresed than we are. Because at least we can fight about it. They can’t even think about it because it feels way too wrong to be thinking how you are being mistreated when there is a woman out there right now who’s clitoris is being cut off with a knife.

And yes, fighting for her safety and avoiding this kind of thing its our number one priority. But we should stop thinking about woman vs man, or girly vs masculine. I mean you heard Emma Watson, equalism is the new wave. Not because we are all the same, because we are NOT THE SAME. But because we should treat every single person for who they are, and how they feel, and who do they want to be. And stop thinking that because they wear some specific kind of clothes, or act certain way we should treat them like all the people who act like that because of course, “they are all the same”.


One thought on “Am I a bad person because I’m not a feminist?

  1. I feel I can agree with you, I would still love the feeling of being cared for here and there. And no that doesn’t make us bad people. I don’t think by thinking those things are okay from time to time we are not also saying “yes beat women and make them as little as possible”
    Good read 🙂

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