Why failure is the best thing that has ever happened to me

10698650_10152364553652711_6241211465091960036_n So today, after waking up at 9am with no alarm and feeling super motivated to study, finish my uni project and get things done around the house; I feel happier than ever. I’m actually so happy I had to write everything down because if not my head was going to explode from wisdom and knowledge. (Yes, happiness makes me kind of cocky but I’m still humble in the inside I swear). The last 3 weeks have shown me how much we can learn from failing, and how we really need failure to grow up. Life without my parents have made me take over my responsabilities (finally), and get my shit together and work hard for what I really want: be a good architect, travel the world, and have a happy all cakes and smiles and unicorns life with my family and friends. And I’m not saying that we should fail things on purpose just so we can learn about them. Or fail many times so when we finally get to do it we can be proud of ourselves. That would just be stupid. REALLY stupid. All I’m saying is that when we don’t succeed at something, it’s for a reason. A reason why we couldn’t achieve what we wanted and a reason why we should try again and try harder. And instead of complaining about how much we suck like I did for the last two summers, we must learn from our mistakes so we never EVER have the nerve to make those same mistakes again. Ever. Imagine that one year ago I was accepted in UK universities. All my life I was used to get things easily. I mean, I wasn’t a spoiled kid or anything. But I had really good grades with almost no effort, and I always had everything I needed and a little more. So even if my parents never bought me useless things or expensive gadgets just for fun or fashion, I wasn’t used to working too hard for what I wanted or to be rejected. So just imagine lazy, not good at choosing my priorities Marianny going to live to the cold, strict and party everyday UK uni life after having 2 years of awful grades at the European School. Between the getting used to uni and living without Mami at only 17 I obviously wouldn’t have survived! Not only I wasn’t ready to live alone back then. But I really wasn’t used to studying hard. And I’m very glad I didn’t get to go. Now imagine I did a better effort for exams and my project in my first year at Uni in Brussels. Maybe I would have passed the year, and maybe I would still be motivated in 2nd year and get to be a pretty good architect in the future and all. But there’s NO WAY I could accomplish all my dreams in the future with all the things I didn’t understand last year. Seriously not even one chance. When last year began, not only it was hard for me to change from school to the university system like every normal person in the world. But no matter how much I said I knew french, back then I didn’t understand half the things I know. Not even a third. I mean I knew what the teachers were talking about ok, but that’s all. When someone made a joke I was as lost as Dory with the sharks in “Looking for Nemo”. She had fun and everything but only because she had no idea of what was going on. Now I’ve got everything! Details, examples, extra research and summaries. I study before and after each class, and ask what I don’t understand. I have never been this motivated to do anything. I even enjoy cleaning the house and studying I LOOK UP TO STUDYING THE NEXT DAY now for God’s sake that’s really something that has changed. So yes I’m happy to say I’m glad I failed. Not because I think I couldn’t have succeded anyway. But because if I really want to be one of the best. I have to work like the best, struggle like the best and suffer like the best. I can’t just be an average student with normal grades and a normal life, and then expect good projects and connections and the perfect life I want to fall into my hands because I did what I had to do. I have to kick my own ass to reach my dreams and goals, go out of my comfort line: explore, research, create. Fall and get up again. And if I had things the easy way there’s no way I would think the way i’m thinking today. Now I know that when people say “Learn from your mistakes” they really mean it. So next time you fail at something just find out why you failed. And start all over again. And maybe one day you will be almost as good as I’m planning to be. 😉 (obviously that was a joke). Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick up ourselves. – Batman

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