Le Palais Royal

My first two weeks of grown up life (My parents moved away so I live by myself now) are my last two weeks of summer. So I decided that to all the responsability coming and all the shores to do in the house, I’ll add a little “me time” and write, read and do some tourism in Brussels ( Marianny Challenge ftw!).
To begin my journey I started at the Brussels Royal Palace. I pass by the Palace almost every week with the bus, but you can only go inside between the last weeks of July and the first week of September.
As every palace I’ve been to, it was extremely huge. So many empty rooms I mean, we could only visit the half of the Palace and it had like 30 useless rooms the size of my whole house PLUS the throne room that was as big as my church.
I’m not anti monarchy or anything I would love to marry a prince and live in a castle and travel the world (just kidding Léon) but back to the real world, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY POOR PEOPLE COULD LIVE THERE, I mean it’s not like the Royal Family (who I think is very cool and nice btw) lives there anyway, they live in their other Palace Laeken (to the surprised Dominicans like me YES the royal families usually have many palaces and castles).
You may say, well it’s not that easy make a bunch of people you don’t even know move in a palace and there are not THAT many poor people in Belgium for needing to do something like that. But there still are many people in need and this is certainly not the first palace or castle I visit and not the only country to have a bunch of castles everywhere.
For example in France, do you know how many castles are in La Vallée de la Loire? More than a hundred. A HUNDRED CASTLES. And sure most of them are museums now but, those castles were made for when the king vacationed and the majority was only used once. YES ONCE. No wonder the French Revolution happened.
And no, i’m not proposing a revolution against monarchy. All i’m saying is that all that rich people could do SO many for those who have so little. And they don’t have to give away much, just make something useful and creative with all those spaces they never EVER use, just  architect student talking to useless room owners WHY AREN’T WE FOUNDING THIS.
So now that I said what I needed to say: back to the Royal Palace you should really visit it because it’s GORGEOUS and they also have an amazing expo called Technopolis were you can learn so many interesting facts about memory, space, sounds, cells, binary numbers and YOU CAN TAKE A PICTURE WITH THE MOST FAMOUS SCIENTISTS EVER LIKE ME. So much IQ in only one picture.




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