Why war is so stupid

As you may have read on the news (or not if you hate reading the news like me) you might have noticed that there are some serious “wars” going on around the globe.

Who is fighting? I have no clue. I’m not even sure why they are fighting… I guess some because of oil, some because of religion, some because of boundaries from one country to another.. you know the usual war excuse. I really don’t even want to find out the exact reasons because I know they will be even more stupid than what I Imagine it is about.

Here’s the thing… I find war the most childish thing adults could ever do. Have you ever seen a mom who has never screamed at their children to stop fighting because 1.It makes no sense 2. That’s not the better way to solve things and 3. They are definitely going to get hurt. So why is it “grown ups” have this obsession and feel so amused about killing and destroying a whole country just because one person who you don’t even know and who its certainly not going to fight with you commands you to do so from his super nice and safe office… hypocrites.

I mean people seem to forget how war works. Is about fighting until one of the two powers decides it cant take it anymore and quits so the power who killed, raped, robbed and burned more people wins. Without mentioning THE ARCHITECTURE that btw its the only reminder of the culture that could be left for history since there is no one left alive. Anyway in resume: the most cruel and heartless person wins. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

And they call themselves adults, grown ups, leaders, they RUN WHOLE COUNTRIES while I can’t even run my own room let alone my house and they just go around doing something so cruel and stupid just waiting for another cold war to come by… now everyone is going to die because of your fault.

I mean seriously what is their excuse? Oh yes we have to go to war because they have oil and we don’t! Well hey I see you have some precious jewells in your house i’ll just go there and get them and if you try to stop me i’ll beat the crap out of you and leave. Oh wait… that’s kind of illegal everywhere isn’t it? “Oh yes but they started it first they threw a bomb so now we have to fight back for 20 years until they quit” HOW MANY TIMES does your mom has to repeat this to you… if they jump out of a bridge WILL YOU FOLLOW THEM? WILL YOU? I don’t care if your sister hit you first she is 4 years old and you are 40 for God’s sake!  Fucking morrons.

“Oh they don’t believe in the same religion as I do”. Well guess what! I’m pretty sure your god its not happy that you are killing thousands of innocent people just because you don’t go to the same church or don’t call God by the same name. so the way things are going you can bet that your god loves more that person you are shooting because yolo and because they pray under completely different circumstances than you.. his biggest failure. Why can’t people simply respect each others beliefs.

And yes I know that people who fight actually do it for a reason (when they have the choice ofc) and that they don’t mean wrong by doing it. I know that in a lot of places there are so many horrible stuff happening and it wouldn’t be fair to stay there, I know you have to get up and do something about it. But killing people that has nothing to do with it? People who are just doing their job like you? Its that the real way to solve things? I know life isnt fair but if you are really fighting for justice you should apply “justice” yourself. I never heard of Ghandi fighting and look how much he achieved.

I don’t care how many people think killing its ok and that war is about defending your country and honour. Until i’m convinced of the opposite War is stupid and you should feel ashamed.

As kant said (with my mom’s translation): Don’t do anything that you don’t want them to do to you.


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