What’s the point?

I know each one of us have felt at certain moment in their life that they completely suck.

You know, those days when everything goes wrong and people won’t stop making sure you know how dissapointed they are of what you have become until now, and you just say… “whats the point of living? It would be so much better and easier to everyone if I just died”.

Well let me tell you that it is certainly NOT OKAY to think that way. Trust me, I’ve been lying on the floor for the last hour crying my eyes out because this was the shittiest year ever, if I can think that I still have plenty of opportunities to make a change in this world you can too. No one said it was going to be easy.

Here’s the thing. I know life sucks like hell sometimes, but if you just give up now.. whats the point? Are you going to give up on all those dreams and hopes? So all these years of suffering trought school and boring working hours were for nothing? That’s it, you were born.. payed your duties with society and your family and now you quit because things are too hard?

Not offense anybody but YOU ARE BEING A CHICKEN. I don’t really care what its your religion, your philosophy about life or whatever. I’m convinced you didn’t come to the world just to hang out! I mean come on… you know in your insides you did come here to make a change!

And you don’t need to be a president or a celebrity or win a nobel prize to make a change. Sometimes we make the biggest impacts in the people we are trying to impress the less and those are the actions that matter the most.

So even if maybe you weren’t born to make some record or achieve world peace or stop global warming, you make the day of at least 3 people on your life, and by doing so they make the day of at least 3 other people and it goes on and on and on, and as a result, the smile you gave this morning to that person on the metro, or the door you held for that lady, or the good morning you said to the little kid MADE AROUND 100 PEOPLE SO DAMN HAPPY.

And isn’t that the point of living? Being happy? I know its not as easy as it seems, but just trying to make people happy makes you happy too (2X1!!). And sooner or later, someone will do whatever they can so they can make you happy too how awesome is that?

All you have to do its love as hard as you can, find out what are you good at, and how to transmit your  happiness to the people around you while enjoying what you do, it doesn’t really matters if you are on your 70s and haven’t found it yet, you just have to look harder!

So after all this nonsense I’ve concluded that we exist to love and make others happy. If you’re happy, I’m happy; as simple as that. That’s the reason why we come to this place we call earth. And even if we suck at it sometimes, even if sometimes we get tired and it makes not sense at all, you have a lifetime to do it… so it doesn’t hurts to try does it?

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