What do we say to failure? NOT TODAY YOU INSENSITIVE BITCH

I think the problem with people is that we are so scared of not being good enough, that we never give our 100% when doing what we have to do. We can give 80%, 90% we can give 99% but never 100%. Never EVER. Because… what if it isn’t enough?
What would ever happen if you gave your absolute best and it isn’t enough?
Maybe I just don’t have any idea of how the world works, and this is only how my lazy self thinks. But, what if every single time we work hard for something, we don’t give our total best because that way at least if we fail we can say: I just should have worked harder. I’m sure that if I gave my very best it would have turned out right.
Haven’t we had enough of ifs and buts? No seriously… HAVEN’T WE? it all goes back to counterfactual history, every damned time.  We could always have chosen option a or option b, we could go to the right or go the left, we could eat meat or vegetables. But we will never ever ever ever EVER know what would have happened IF.
So what happens if we are actually pretty good at things once we work just a little bit harder to achieve them? What if we are the BEST at doing thingy things but we will never know because we are too frightened to give all we have and still suck at it?
Here is my answer: what if you just shut up about yourself already and just give it a try?
No matter what you say, even when you work really hard, you work your ass out to do something and all you get its a shitty result! So you tell other people that its fine because you didn’t really study for that exam, or you just partied too much that week, or you were thinking too much about your next holidays on Bora Bora, but you are crying like a baby inside because actually you worked like never ever before but still your work doesnt even compare to the guy next to you who came up with the best idea ever to end poverty and pollution and feed all the kids in Africa.
No matter what you say I know that in the deepest part of yout brain you know you could have tried harder. Like 10 times harder at least.
Not to be a captain obvious here or anything but, i’m pretty sure that the fear of failing it’s the only real reason why we don’t succed in the first place.
So next time you have a dream or even the smallest task, just risk it all to do your super magnificent best job ever done in history. Not only will you feel like a badass but who knows? Maybe it would even be the thing you were born to do and you will be remembered in human history as the person who finally got some balls and did it.
Chances are that you are just going to fail again and realize that had you skipped that afternoon nap 5 years ago you would be the Nobel prize. But what if i’m wrong? What if? What if you can be great?

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