Moving away

Moving away from home leads to many mixed up feelings. It makes you sad, angry, curious and happy all at the same time.

When you know you’re about to leave, you get two different feelings. One part of you is really scared and nostalgic. You have no idea what’s waiting for you out there, all you know is that every thing you’ve ever known will soon be left far behind. Your friends, your family, your home, all the places where you have created thousands of memories will stay in the shadows. Will you forget about them? Will they forget about you?

However the other part of you it’s thrilled and starts planning everything, you finally can get a fresh start! Nobody in your new home knows who you really are, your mistakes, your secrets or faults. Nobody knows you as the person who is always late, or who doesnt knows how to ride a bike or the person who’s scared of the dark. You can be anything you want!

It’s your chance to rediscover yourself. When you arrive you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be. You start daydreaming about how perfects things are going to be from now on, people will look up to you they will want to be like you, to hear your advice and be your friend.

But then you realize that you’re the only new there. Everybody has their own friends, their own family and their own places where they’ve created thousands of little memories, and you just laugh and cry at yourself for being so stupid and thinking they would care about this new person that came from far away and has a huge accent.

Until one by one, they show you that they actually do care. They start giving you smiles to make you feel welcome, and they introduce you to their friends, family and those special places. And you get used to them, you settle in, you feel like you belong.  You get to know who they really are, you get to know their secrets and faults too. You let them know who you are, your real self. They learn to accept you as you are.

Even if you do miss your real home, miss it every day, every single moment . You realize you don’t want to move back. Because now you have more friends, more family and more thousands of places where to create new memories. Now you understand that wherever you are, by opening up a little, you can make  your own home.


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